BDH / BOP Poll
Fall 2022

Welcome to The Herald’s fall 2022 poll, conducted in an inaugural partnership with the Brown Opinion Project. Through dozens of interactive graphs created from the responses of over 1,000 undergraduates, we’ve gathered data revealing myriad identities, experiences and opinions present on campus. Much of the data we’ve collected — from students’ self-evaluated happiness to their opinions on grade inflation — is impossible to find elsewhere.

Along with our findings, you can explore the demographic information of our undergraduate respondents. The Herald’s poll is held twice per year to assess student experiences and opinions regarding trends on and off campus. You can view our spring 2022 poll here. The questions for this poll were developed by The Herald’s editorial staff and the Brown Opinion Project’s members.

This semester’s survey touched on topics including relationship status, happiness level, plans to vote in the midterm elections and experiences with Counseling and Psychological Services and the Undergraduate Council of Students. The Herald will also investigate poll results in more depth through a follow-up series of articles.

Explore the data here.

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