By Peter Swope and Caleb Lazar
Additional data analysis by Neil Mehta
Web Design & Layout by Jed Fox
Header image design by Gray Martens

By Peter Swope and Caleb Lazar
Additional data analysis by Neil Mehta
Web Design & Layout by Jed Fox
Header image design by Gray Martens

Welcome to The Herald’s spring 2022 poll. Through dozens of interactive graphs created from the responses of over 1,000 undergraduates, you can explore the diverse identities, experiences and opinions present in Brown’s student body. The poll is the second in-person undergraduate poll The Herald has conducted since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results from our fall 2021 poll are available here.

You can explore data on four areas: demographics, admissions and University policies, approval ratings and COVID-19. Within each section, you can explore the poll’s findings, as well as further breakdowns by certain demographics. With 1,033 undergraduate student respondents representing a variety of campus demographics, the poll, which typically takes place biannually, seeks to measure student opinion and experiences with regard to current events and trends on campus. The questions are developed by Herald editors each semester. This semester’s questions survey opinions regarding the Office of Residential Life and the Undergraduate Council of Students, COVID-19 and masking policies more than two years into the pandemic and the Spring Weekend 2022 lineup, among other subjects. The Herald will also publish a series of articles that investigate individual poll results in more depth.